News and Patterns

Hey guys and happy New Year!

Few thing have happened since last update. My comic Deacon of Darkriver is now in few stores in the Bay Area... or at least they were at the beginning of December. You can find it at Isotope Comics, Mission: Comics & Art, Comix Experience, Trickster, Fantastic Comics and the Escapist. It's also available in Nexus in Reykjavik. Unless, it's sold out (which would be fantastic), and then you can ask the stores to order more.

In other news, I've moved back to Iceland for the time being. My visa ran out and Charles and I are figuring out our next move. Also, the whole Getting-paid-artist-work thing wasn't going so well so I'm going to try to find regular work here and do art and writing at night.

Last thing, I've been experimenting with patterns. It's been a lot of fun to try something new.