I’m converting one of my Sketch Dailies into vector form since studios really like to see that you can do that. I’ve known how to work in Illustrator for years but never had any reason to use it at the university. It doesn’t help that my tablet monitor fights me every step of the way…

Anyway, this is going to be an illustration so there is more to come.

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep

Here is a sketch of the final idea.

Rough sketch

Rough sketch


My friends and I have just started playing Pathfinder together. I'm playing a human cleric and when designing my character I really got carried away by her backstory. So, yeah I'm doing a comic based on it. Don't know when I'll update it next or when I finished, it is not the most prioritized project I'm working on right now, but I am very excited about it.

Kickstarter and art

We are 34% close to our goal with 24 days left.

Please, if you can only support us a dollar, it would still help us reach our goal.

In other news, I am writing the longest webcomic I've ever done in my life. It is fantasy based and so long it might take me years to finish it. It is probably the most exciting project I've ever worked on. Here is some experimental painting of one of the races in it.

And here is a quick sketch of one of the main characters

It is happening!

Oh boy, my Kickstarter campaign was approved. It will be launched tomorrow. 

The Deacon of Darkriver comic.

I am so nervous, this year has not been easy and has been filled with self doubt but... I really, really like this comic. To not only be able to say "yeah, I self published a comic... no big" but be able to build on it and make more comics based on fairytales and eventually be able to launch my original webcomic would be... I don't know, everything? To work independently and not have to worry what country I am working from is everything I ever want.

Please, help share this campaign and let people know about the Deacon. Your support means a lot.

Upcoming project

I'm going to start a Kickstarter campaign on July 1 for my comic the Deacon of Darkriver, an old Icelandic ghost story.

This is the biggest project I've undertaken single handedly in my artistic career and my goal is to finish the comic and the extra pledge level treats and the final estimated cost before June 30th. I really hope this will get funded... there is a lot riding on this.

Here is a sneak peak of page 6

So far in Brainiacs

Brainiacs or Ofvitar is a weekly comic strip I make for the Icelandic website Nerd of the North. It follows the lives of two friends, Erna and Arnar who live in Reykjavik.

I'm going to post it here in English a week later for everyone who doesn't speak Icelandic. Of course, some of the jokes might not translate but I'll try to explain it the best I can. 

The first Ofvitar comic about Charles and I's experience watching Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

The first Ofvitar comic about Charles and I's experience watching Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

Second comic is about when I tried to win at rock, paper, scissor by quoting a show none of my Friends watched.

Iceland, volcanos, get it?

I grew up reading mostly Belgian and French comics like Tintin, Asterix and more. But only some of the comics were translated you are never able to read the whole series.

They are talking about Arnaldur Indridason. His books are insanely popular in Iceland.